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SCHIESSER sports underwear for women: optimal support and maximum comfort

Regular sport and an active everyday life show how important perfect functional underwear is. The ACTIVE series with functional underwear for women is here so that you feel completely comfortable during training and leisure activities. All products in this collection can claim the highest functionality and unrestricted comfort. The ACTIVE line includes sports underwear with various benefits.

Try new Active Wear for women for yourself and order functional underwear in your size right here in our online shop! With SCHIESSER sports underwear for women, there is nothing standing in the way of an active lifestyle.

Active Serie


My new workout partner:
The Schiesser Active bra.

The new breathable Active bras offer a perfect hold.
From minimal to maximum. And extra comfortable without the pinching.

  • Innovative breathable mesh zones
  • Absolute freedom of movement
  • Ultra soft band below the breast for figure-hugging support
    Mesh inserts for maximum support and well-balanced body temperature

Sports bras with optimum hold for any challenge

Every woman knows how difficult it is to find the perfect sports bra for a comfortable feeling while training. That’s because it should offer both optimal support and unrestricted freedom of movement. As such, SCHIESSER ACTIVE bras have three different support levels to choose from: high, medium and low. Simply select the perfect support level for your sports underwear according to the intensity of your sports activities.

Are you looking for a bra for cycling or for workouts? Then medium support is ideal. Low support is ideal for yoga, for example, while the high support models support you when horseback riding or jogging. ACTIVE underwear also scores points with length-adjustable and variable comfort straps. These are made to be extra wide and additionally padded so they don’t cut into your skin. Sports bras are wire-free and have super soft cups. The underwire is also soft and does not cut into the skin. It still contributes to maximum support and creates the ideal balance between secure hold and freedom of movement. Thanks to mesh its inserts, the bra fabric is particularly breathable – for a long-lasting pleasant feel against your skin. The sports bras from the ACTIVE line are also an absolute highlight visually. In addition to classic black and white, these new workout favorites are also available in dynamic pink or in a stylish pattern.


Light. Ultra Light.
Mesh Light.

Mesh Light is ultra lightweight on the skin and, therefore, you can hardly feel it. Innovative functional zones offer moisture wicking.

  • Seamless, Ultra Light
  • Innovative breathable mesh zones

Ultra-lightweight functional wear for women

SCHIESSER ACTIVE sports underwear for women includes not only sports bras, but also tops, shirts and sports underpants. The functional underwear for women in the Mesh-Ultra-Light line is as light as a feather and can hardly be felt on the body when worn. This feeling is enhanced by the flat cuffs and the seamless finish along the sides of these ladies‘ sports undershirts.

The mesh areas ensure that the garments are highly breathable, creating a pleasant climate for your skin. Moisture wicking is also perfectly regulated via the innovative functional zones. Order your new sportswear for women featuring the latest designs directly online and discover a new training experience with SCHIESSER Mesh Ultra-Light clothing!



It sounds so cool just the way it is:
3D mesh with Cool Effect.

As comfortable as underwear. As functional as sportswear.
This is ensured by using cooling 3D mesh, ergonomic fits,
extra-flat seams, and a casual fit.

    • Ultra Light breathable
    • Cool Effect with 3D mesh

Cooling sports underwear with 3D mesh

The Mesh Light range is complemented by multifunctional Mesh Light 3D products. The tops and sports underpants for women are characterized by their cooling effect in addition to ultra-lightweight comfort and their breathable material. This is created by processing the state-of-the-art 3D mesh material. The seams on Mesh Light 3D products are particularly flat and therefore do not rub uncomfortably against the skin when moving. This prevents irritated patches on your skin and is an important feature of sportswear for all-round well-being.


The body: in balance.
Body temperature: well-balanced.

Functional fibers made of bamboo and quick-drying
Aqua X-Garn® make Mesh Bamboo feel fresh – with
breathable mesh inserts.

  • Seamless
  • Ultra Soft
  • Innovative mesh zones
  • Bamboo fibers
Active Mesh Bamboo

Seamless sports functional underwear for women

Quick-drying, especially breathable, with Cool Effect – that describes the Mesh Bamboo series This line encompasses tops, short-sleeve shirts and sports underpants in various cuts. All items in this product line are made from bamboo viscose and the high-tech Milan aqua-x fiber. Thanks to the material’s quick-drying effect and the breathable mesh insert, you can enjoy a refreshing sensation even during athletic challenges.

For maximum comfort in typical SCHIESSER brand quality, the items in this ACTIVE line also include seamless sports underwear. Mesh Bamboo underwear is ideal as women’s underwear or for various outdoor activities, as the products are equipped with light UV protection. The SCHIESSER ACTIVE series offers sportswear which supports you in a limitless, active life.


Bras, shirts, tops and briefs adapt to your natural movements and ensure permanent well-being and flexibility. Whether it’s during free time, a light workout at the gym, light sports or during an evening jog, all Active products are always perfect, breathable and score visual points with their modern look. SCHIESSER Active multifunctional sports underwear offers maximum support at all times!